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Go With The Flow and Win with Ryco

03 September 2018

Win great prizes thanks to Ryco when your workshop fits high quality Ryco air filters.

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Plug it?

01 August 2018

Just plug it! It's not quite that simple! Learn how trying to save a few dollars on an inferior spark plug could cost you a lot.

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How's your DPF?

10 July 2018

If you are driving a diesel vehicle you might have heard the term "DPF".

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we can test your shockers and make sure you can pull up in time

Free Shock Absorber Test

31 May 2018

Worn shock absorbers increase stopping distance, see us in June for a free shock absorber test.

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Proudly Supporting Starlight

18 April 2018

We are proud to be supporting the great work that the Starlight Children's Foundation do for children like young Ned.

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Dashboard Lights Demystified

12 April 2018

Believe it or not, this dashboard light isn't a high wind warning! We demystify ten of the most common warning lights in your car.

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Wherever You Go, We've Got You Covered

15 February 2018

With eight new proudly independently owed mechanical workshops in our network, wherever you go you’ll find one nearby for all your car servi ...

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Regas With The Right Gas

07 November 2017

Have you heard? There’s a new environmentally friendly air conditioning gas in town.

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The Next Generation In Braking Is Here

04 November 2017

We take safety seriously and that’s why we are happy to announce that Repco’s next generation of brake pads - Repco RCT are available at Re ...

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Cooling systems repair by Auto-Tech trained mechanics ... backed by Repco

Boiling Is For Kettles

03 November 2017

Modern engines generate enormous amounts of heat and your cooling system must be up to dealing with it.

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