Radiator Flush

A radiator flush might be just what your car needs to bring it back to peak performance.

The radiator is your vehicle's cooling system. It pumps coolant around the engine to stop it from overheating, protecting the engine blocks from warping or cracking under extreme heat.

Why you need a radiator flush

Have your radiator flushed regularly to ensure your radiator is performing properly, preventing the chance of damage to your engine. Damage is caused by a build up of rust and debris which will create congestion in your cooling system, making it run inefficiently. View our AutoFacts Video to learn more about your cooling system.

A radiator flush is a fairly low-cost procedure that is normally performed once a year or when your manufacturer recommends. Your Repco Authorised Service Centre will use a flushing solution like Penrite Radiator Flush that is circulated through your cooling system to dissolve and clean the radiator and channels from what has built up. After this process is complete and the cooling system is clean the solution is drained and the new coolant can be added.

Benefits of a radiator flush

  • Your radiator will run more efficiently and increase life expectancy.
  • Your engine will run more efficiently and increase life expectancy.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion building up in all metal parts of the engine.
  • Get a boost in vehicle performance and power.
  • Your water pump is further protected as it is better lubricated.
  • Reduces the chance of blown head gaskets.
  • The radiator flush keeps up with your maintenance requirements (warranty).
  • Protects your heater core for winter and the cooling systems seals in summer.

Can I do a radiator flush myself?

While it might seem straightforward, this process requires draining, refilling, and purging of the cooling system.  Therefore, we recommend that this procedure is best left to the qualified and experience technicians at your local Repco Authorised Service centre. 

We have plenty of guides and info if you want to learn more about your cooling system, coolant changescooling system hoses or protecting your cooling system.   

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