Air Conditioning Service

Professional Air Conditioning Service From $149 Plus Parts & Gas

Refrigerant Gas, Oil and/or cost of any parts used is NOT included in $149, as this varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle.
Any additional repairs or component replacement is an additional cost.

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The $149 service price guide includes labour (only) to:

Price guide from $149 excludes parts, refrigerant and any additional repairs or component replacement.  

HINT!  When booking, ask about our special nano-technology treatment for your cabin ventilation.  It's the most effective way to remove harmful mould, mildew & bacteria from the ventilation system and it helps to get rid of that musty smell too !

Additional Information:
This pricing is an indicative guide only and may vary depending on a range of factors including vehicle specific variations and workshop location. Certain workshops do not carry out Air conditioning services. For a more accurate price, please call your local Repco Authorised Service centre or book online.

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