Registration Stickers

Registration Stickers Becoming Unstuck

Registration stickers display specific information about your car including the car make, model, plate number, label number, VIN (vehicle identification number) and your vehicle’s registration expiry date. Some other information may be included on your rego sticker depending on the state your vehicle is registered in.

As many Australians drive their cars every day, registration stickers also serve as a timely reminder of when you need to reregister your vehicle. But now in some states these labels have been or are being phased out altogether (WA, SA, TAS & NSW), so you’ll have to rely on that letter in the mail and a note on your calendar to remind you when your rego is due.

Information on Registration Stickers by state

Below we have collected specific state based information on rego labels to help you make sure you are following the correct guidelines.


Don’t let your car go unregistered!

With these changes it could make it more likely for some vehicles owners to be driving around unregistered. Depending on your states fines you could be slugged up to maximum of $2,500 (SA). So make sure you’re on top of your vehicle registration no matter where you are in Australia.

Need help removing a rego sticker?

Registration stickers can be pesky little things to remove. Luckily we’ve scoured the internet and found the easiest ways to remove them without damaging your windscreen or leaving sticky residue behind. Click here to find out how.