Rego Stickers NSW

Rego Stickers Abolished in NSW

As of the 1st of January 2013, rego stickers have been abolished in NSW for light vehicles up to four and a half tonnes in gross vehicle mass.

These vehicles include: Cars, motorcycles, light trailers, caravans, light trucks and buses, plus taxis. This doesn’t include vehicles over the four and a half tonne weight level and vehicles registered under a conditional registration scheme.


This initiative will be carried out under the guidance of the Better Regulation Office and the Roads and Maritime Services. Their review found labels weren’t needed to support compliance of registration. This will cut $575,000 of costs per year (cost to produce in NSW) for the RMS and the NSW Business Chamber estimates a further saving of $5 million for NSW businesses, which equates to 160,000 hours in needless red tape.

Will you forget without a rego sticker?

There have been reports that up to 20% of motorists in WA (where rego stickers have already been scrapped) had forgotten to renew their registration because the sticker served as a reminder. The RTA have recognised this and put a system in place to help. You will still receive your registration renewal notice in the mail before your rego is due, but you also have the opportunity to now check a vehicles registration and expiry online through myRTA.

Forget your registration and it could be costly! Driving an unregistered car in NSW attracts a $500+ fine, with a maximum penalty of $2,200 if the matter goes to court.

For more information visit the RMS Transport website.