Rego Stickers QLD

Rego stickers are no longer required to be affixed to windscreens or side windows of certain light vehicles in QLD. You still have to register the vehicle but there is no longer a requirement to display the registration label on the vehicle.

Police and Transport Inspectors can now see if your car is registered via in-car checks or the use of mobile and fixed cameras and are able to quickly confirm the registration status of your vehicle from your number plate. Removal of this requirement currently applies to cars, motorcycles, light trailers, light caravans, light buses, motorised wheelchairs, light commercial vehicles, conditionally registered vehicles, special purpose vehicles and dealer/trader plates only. Heavy vehicles (those exceeding 4.5t gross vehicle mass) and recreational boats must still display registration labels (with the exception of certain conditionally registered and special purpose vehicles). Find out more about registering heavy vehicles and boats.

Don’t forget to register

Rego stickers once served as a subtle and constant reminder to when your registration was due and without them to remind you it is easy to forget. If you do forget you will be up for a fine as it is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is registered and has Compulsory Third Party Insurance before driving it. But be sure you renew your registration on or before the due date or the vehicle can't legally be driven and late fees may be charged for late registration. You will receive a registration notice in the mail when your current registration is approaching expiration, with information on costs and how to renew your registration.

You can always check your registration via the Department of Transport and Roads website or by phone. If you don’t have CTP insurance you may be held liable for any damages in an accident so it is in your best interest to always be on top of your vehicle registration dates. There is nothing stopping you putting your own label in a location that will not obstruct a drivers vision. (You will not be fined if you leave a correctly placed, expired registration label on a vehicle that no longer requires a label be displayed).

Want to know more?

If you want to find out more about changes to registration label requirements Visit Department of Transport and Roads