Rego Stickers Victoria

In Victoria rego stickers and regulations haven’t changed. Their use and affixing to your vehicle is still mandatory at this stage. But this doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be scrapped in the near future.

With 4 million rego stickers being produced for light vehicles in Victoria it would mean major cost savings on something that may not be needed due to computer automation technology and the use of microchips in cars that can hold particular registration information.

Forget and be fined

Forgetting to register your vehicle is a costly expense that everyone can avoid. If you do happen to forget and get caught, the driver is up for a $704 fine, plus another $704 for permitting the use of an unregistered vehicle.

Also if you forget to affix your rego sticker in accordance with the current placement regulations, you could be fined up to three penalty units.

For more information on vehicle registrations visit the Vic Roads website.