Rego Stickers WA

As of the first of January 2010, changes were made to the Road Traffic Act of 1974 that meant motorists that owned light vehicles would no longer be issued or need to display rego stickers in WA.

To be precise this affects all motorists with cars, motorcycles, trailers, boat trailers, horse floats, caravans and other light vehicles under the gross vehicle mass of 4.5 tonnes.

Why no more rego stickers in WA?

The move to not issuing rego stickers in WA has been established to improve vehicle licensing efficiencies. This step forward is made possible by the recent development of advanced wireless systems and number plate recognition software. The WA Government expects to save up to $2 million dollars over 4 years in postage and printing.

Don’t forget your rego

Not having the rego sticker in plain sight all the time may cause you to forget when your registration is due. If you do forget you could be looking at a maximum fine of $500. To try and combat this, the Department of Transport gives you the ability to perform a vehicle licence check online. You can also check demerit points, driver’s licence status and subscribe to licence alert.

For more information visit the Department of Transport’s website.