Car Economy

Fuel economy is usually at the top of everyones list for reducing car running costs, especially with the rising cost of petrol, but there are many ways you can shrink the amount of money being guzzled by your car.

Buying or finding the most economical car is an obvious first step, but you can add to this by following these fuel saving and cost cutting tips to help reduce the impact on your wallet ... and on the environment too. WIN!


How Sensors Work In Your Car

Your car is essentially a computer on wheels, with complex systems that need monitoring to ensure that critical aspects are working correctly. Sensors form an important part of this process.

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Carbon Removal In Diesel Engines

Did you know that a build up of carbon can reduce the efficiency of your diesel engine?

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Is a diesel car right for your family?

Are you looking for your next new car? With more and more European models available in Australia this means more diesel passengers cars than ever before. How do you know if a diesel is right for your family? Here are a few things to consider...

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Spark Plugs, One Size Does Not Fit All

Many people don’t realise that you can’t use a “common” spark plug in a today's cars and expect them to run properly, in fact doing this can cause a lot of engine damage!

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Save On Car Costs

Looking to tighten up your spending? Here's 10 handy tips to reducing your car running costs.

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Near Empty Costs

By waiting till your fuel is all gone you could be shortening the life of your fuel filter.

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More Weight = More Cost

For every half tonne that a car weighs, it uses 700 litres of petrol a year.

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Don't Over Fill The Tank

Why over filling your petrol tank is not a good idea.

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Cold Starts

Why pumping the accelerator when starting the engine is not a money saver.

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Saving The Environment

Did you know that around 13% of cars produce approximately half the car pollution? Find out how you can reduce your vehicle's carbon footprint.

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