Removing Rego Stickers

Registration stickers can be difficult to remove but with the easy tips below any stubborn ones should come off quickly and easily!

If your window is perspex or tinted, refrain from using a razor blade as it will most likely damage the surface.

Removal Tips

  1. Rather than a razor blade, rub it with a wad of cottonwool, soaked in nail polish remover or eucalyptus oil, and the sticker will dissolve, then clean glass with methylated spirits.
  2. Wet a piece of kitchen cling wrap, paper towel or newspaper with warm water and then place over the rego sticker. Leave for 10 minutes or so to let the warm water penetrate the sticker and weaken the glue. Clean with a glass cleaner and it's as good as new.
  3. Another method is to use a hairdryer. By blowing warm air over the sticker the adhesive will start to loosen or melt. If the sticker is still intact you should be able to remove it in one piece. If any residue is left behind spray on glass cleaner and wipe with a cloth until removed. 

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