Toe in Specifications - Differences

Toe in Specifications - Differences


Wheel Alignment technicians would be aware that there are different ways of measuring Toe In when performing a wheel alignment.

wheel alignment                        Wheel Alignment

Toe-In can be measured in degrees, as a linear measurement at the wheel rim, or as a linear measurement at the tyre edge.


As the tyre edge measurement is the industry standard, nearly all wheel alignment specifications are given as the distance between the rear edges of the tyres, less the distance between the front edges of the tyres.

There is, however, some wheel alignment equipment that still measures Toe In at the wheel rim (see diagram). If you use this type of equipment, you probably do not have the correct alignment specifications.

Because of this difference in wheel aligners, AUTO-TECH produces two different Wheel Alignment Specification databases; one for each type of wheel aligner.

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