More Specialised Car Services

Repco Authorised Service centres offer many specialised services for your automotive needs, such as:

Timing Belt Replacement

A damaged timing belt puts the synchronisation of the engine at risk which could lead to piston damage and worse.

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Engine Service, Repair and Tune-up

Whether an engine overhaul or a minor engine repair and tune-up, Repco Authorised Service have the skills, expertise and technology to get you back on the road.

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Exhaust Service and Tune

A car’s exhaust system is complex but it is responsible for controlling and reducing emissions, to help protect the environment, and curbing noise.

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Auto Electrical Service

A large proportion of a car's functionality relies on the electronic elements within the car. Learn more about auto electrical servicing here.

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Electronic Fuel Injection

Your electronic fuel injection system provides power and fuel efficiency to your car, so it is important to keep it in optimal condition.

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Auto Transmission Service

Car nosies that go bump in the night? It could be your auto transmission, time for an auto transmission service with Repco Authorised Service.

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Caravan and Trailer Service

Caring for your trailer and caravan brakes is just as important as caring for your car. Visit us for your next trailer or caravan service.

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Car Towing and Repairs in One

Call a friendly Repco Authorised Service centre to tow your car and get it back on the road with a 12-month nationwide warranty.

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