Car Towing and Repairs in One

Having car troubles by the roadside? We can do more than just tow your car, we can fix it too.

Many of our Repco Authorised Service centres offer car towing services to get your car to the service centre and back in peak performance in no time.

Many companies offer car towing services but wouldn’t you rather deal with a friendly team who can tow your car and get it back on the road with a Nationwide Warranty?

You can rest easy knowing your car is in the right hands because all Repco Authorised Service centre mechanics are fully trained and qualified under the Repco Auto-Tech program.

Call now if you need car towing services and rely on the experts to bring your car to the workshop and provide the professional service you expect.


Friendly local service - backed by Repco

We are great under pressure and we understand the stress associated with finding a car repairer in a hurry. Call a Repco Authorised Service centre to tow your car and get you back on the road. We have the expertise and knowledge to fix your car quickly and with all the best parts. We are backed by Repco for all our parts and our training too. All our work is covered by a nationwide warranty, so you can rest assured we provide the best quality service and advice.


Car towing - everything you need to know and more

Need a tow? Let us get you out of your sticky situation and repair your car while we are at it.