Vehicle Inspections and Reports

Repco Authorised Service offer a range of reports and inspections to help you maintain your car. From a vehicle inspection which is required by law in some states through to a 65 point safety check as part of your service. Take a below to find out more about our vehicle inspections and reports;

Vehicle Inspections

Find out what a vehicle inspection is, why you need one and what the laws are in your state regarding safety inspections.

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Vehicle Condition Report

Whether you are purchasing a used car, embarking on a long trip, conducting a vehicle safety inspection or audit, or just trying to decide whether to keep or sell your car, our motor vehicle condition report will give you all the information you need*.

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65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report

Upon Request, your local Repco Authorised Service mechanic will happily provide a written 65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report whenever a service is carried out.

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