Roadworthy Certificate Victoria

Certificate of roadworthiness (RWC) in Victoria

In Victoria a certificate of roadworthiness is required when a vehicle is being sold. The owner of the vehicle must provide a current roadworthiness certificate to the buyer, unless the buyer is a spouse or a motor vehicle trader.

A vehicle can be sold without an RWC if it is not registered however If a used vehicle is being re-registered an RWC will be needed. In some cases a roadworthiness certificate is also needed to clear a vehicle defect notice in Victoria.

What is inspected?

A roadworthy inspection checks a vehicle to ensure that key components aren't worn or deteriorated and that it is safe for use. It will mainly cover major safety related items:

  1. Wheels and tyres.
  2. Steering, suspension and braking systems.
  3. Seats and seat belts.
  4. Lamps and reflectors.
  5. Windscreen, and windows including front windscreen wipers and washers.
  6. The structure of the vehicle itself.
  7. Other safety related items on the body, chassis or engine.

The roadworthiness test is not a check of a vehicle's mechanical reliability or overall condition. If your vehicle needs a comprehensive check then you should arrange for a separate independent report such as those offered by the RACV, many Licensed Motor Car Traders (LMCTs) and other workshops.

Please note that the certificate does not mean:

  1. That the vehicle is in top notch condition.
  2. Non-safety related parts like air conditioning, electric windows and rear-window wipers are functioning properly.
  3. That items checked during an inspection will continue to function after the inspection.

Need a Roadworthy Certificate?

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