Why only qualified technicians should perform wheel alignment procedures

The performance of safety systems such as traction, stability control, and ABS braking systems depend largely on how well the suspension performs, which also depends how well the wheels are aligned, which then has a direct bearing on how the suspension copes with cornering and braking forces, as well as with sudden steering inputs - phew thats a long line of follow on effects ! But thats why its important to always have a fully qualified workshop perform your Wheel Alignment. 

Professional workshops perform their wheel alignment services with advanced equipment, and experienced technicians to operate that equipment. The practical advantages that you get from this arrangement is that a trained and qualified technician is able to “read the signs”, in the sense that:


  • Some causes of uneven tyre wear involve issues like binding brakes or worn shock absorbers and a qualified Mechanic is trained to recognise these dangerous and non-wheel alignment related issues. 

  • A trained technician is also better able to diagnose and correct issues such as worn, damaged, or broken steering and/or suspension components, which are the most common cause(s) of poor wheel alignment and can result in expensive repairs if left untreated.

Having an alignment procedure done at a proper mechanical repair shop means knowing that the root cause of the original wheel alignment problem can be corrected professionally by suitably qualified technicians.