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The Sign of a Great Independent Workshop

Joining Repco Authorised Service gives you with the best of both worlds.

You stay independent, keeping your own business name and making your own business decisions. The difference is you’ll enjoy the benefits and support that will assist your business to grow, combined with a quality brand endorsement that makes you stand out from the pack.

Join the best of the best

We pride ourselves on partnering with the best in the business. As a RAS member, you not only align with Repco, you also join forces with a formidable network of like-minded independent workshop owners, each of whom exhibit the integrity, experience and knowledge for which RAS is renowned.

Nationwide Warranty Network

Our Nationwide Warranty will help you to compete with the Dealerships. The strength of the Repco brand substantiates our guarantee and offers peace of mind and reassurance to your customers. It also provides your business with a point of distinction.

Backed by a Global Automotive Leader

Backed by a Global Automotive Leader

When it comes to support for your businesses future, it doesn’t get much bigger than this. Repco is a business unit of Genuine Parts Company, the respected global leader in the distribution of automotive replacement parts, with a reputation for excellence that spans nearly a century.

As part of our network, your business is supported by this industry leader, who are committed to providing the type of service, back-up, scale and support to that is necessary to ensure a mutually profitable future, in a rapidly changing industry environment.

The Power of One

Training, Networking, Shared Knowledge

Training, Networking, Shared Knowledge

With ongoing globalisation and advancements in vehicle technology, the Automotive Service and Repair industry continues to undergo unprecedented change. An effective response to these trends is for like minded independent operators to leverage the advantages provided by a collective network.

If you would like to know more about the Repco Authorised Service program, click here to request more information.

Professional Image

Our signage, livery and uniforms can give you a professional business image without compromising your existing business name and identity.

Strong branding immediately identifies your business as a professional independent workshop, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Professional Image

The RAS program provides a wide range of livery, signage and quality branded merchandise to help you build a distinctive and professional image, including…

  • Internal & External livery
  • Uniforms
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Flags
  • Courtesy Car Decal Specifications
  • Point of Sale
  • Branded Gifts
  • Seat Protectors
  • Lube Stickers
  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
  • On Hold Messages 

National Fleet Program

National Fleet Program

Get access to your very own fleet servicing program, looking after some of Australia’s best known businesses and generating thousands of jobs per year.

Many of our members generate significant profits from the fleet work the RAS program delivers. Our fleet program includes a centralised billing facility for ease of use and access to procedures for all fleet clients in our online system.

Personalised Marketing

Tools Take advantage of the huge range of advertising and marketing resources to promote your business. Our marketing tools allow members to take control of their branding and advertising. High quality, personalised advertising and promotional resources that help showcase your business, all easily accessible.

Personalised Marketing Tools

  • Local Television Campaigns
  • Radio & Print Media Advertising
  • Personalised Advertising Campaigns
  • Dedicated Retail Promotions
  • Local Area Marketing Campaigns
  • Point of Sale Collateral
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing

Advanced Online Solutions

We live in a connected world and the continued growth in digital technology means that every business, big or small, needs to have a professional online presence.

Advanced Online Solutions

RAS membership includes your very own full function website, plus a range of online, digital and social media initiatives designed so that our members are free to carry on running their business, confident in the knowledge that their customers can find them easily and quickly.

If you would like to know more about the Repco Authorised Service program, click here to request more information.

The Best Training

At Repco Authorised Service, we want your team to be the best they can be. That’s why we help our members access a range of training.

RAS Members are automatically provided with an ongoing subscription to Autopedia and Smart Quote as part of their membership. In addition the program has access to training sources including…

  • Repco Autotech
  • Industry Partners
  • Business Training

Sophisticated Systems

Procedures and operational standards are designed to make your business more profitable and easier to run.

Our industry leading IT platform offers advanced management features to help you run a more sophisticated operation and take advantage of the many functions that have been tailored specifically for our members.

You’ll also have access to a performance comparison tool which allows you to view average KPI measurements, helping you develop a sound business plan. These KPI’s includes sales, productivity, profit margins and key business costs.

Outstanding Value

The RAS program is primarily funded by members contributions and a rebate provided by Repco. Members pay from just $149 per month to receive the specified member benefit package as outlined in the RAS Membership agreement.

All contributions and rebates are pooled into a collective program fund that is administered by Repco and used to employ program support staff, create advertising and marketing initiatives and to develop tools, training and resources which help our members grow their business.

The fund is also aided by significant contributions by our industry partners.

Join the best heads in the business

When you join the Repco Authorised Service program you open the door to making your already great business even better. The RAS program has the tools and support that allows independent workshop owners to achieve their goals, without compromising their independence.

  • Business support systems
  • Link your local business identity with a major National brand
  • A professional business image that sets you apart
  • Personalised website and online strategies
  • Tailored advertising campaigns & marketing support
  • Customised digital marketing strategies
  • Access to proven training and business development
  • A team dedicated to helping grow your business
  • Access to National fleet work A Nationwide Warranty

Over 400 workshops are already enjoying these benefits.

Take control of your business today.

Joining Repco Authorised Service has helped us to take our business to the next level
Carol & Wayne, Powerdrive Automotive.

“Joining Repco Authorised Service has helped us to take our business to the next level”
Carol & Wayne, Powerdrive Automotive.

If you would like to know more about the Repco Authorised Service program, click here to request more information.

See how Repco Authorised Service can help your business