Choosing The Right Globes

Being able to see clearly while driving at night is critical for safety.  Did you know that there are many different types of globes that can help improve the light cast by your car's headlights? Here's a few things to think about next time you have to replace your globes.


What Globe Is Right For Your Car?

There is a lot of choice when it comes to picking an aftermarket globe for your car, so the first thing to consider is what outcome you want.  Is it a greater volume of light? A whiter light output? Is it longevity or perhaps a bit of each?  You should also consider the type of driving you do, where you drive and how regularly you drive.

The Right Globe For Your Driving Conditions

Urban drivers
These drivers tend to do most of their driving in a city environment. Normally the areas they venture to are well lit and they don’t need to worry about seeing long distances well down the road in front of them. Driving in these conditions, you’ll benefit from a whiter light output that better reflects and illuminates road signs and pedestrians while also increasing the visibility of your vehicle to others on the road. 

Outer suburban / rural drivers
The streetscape can be very different in the outer suburbs. Street lighting will not be as good and generally there’s just less lighting so globes that provide additional penetration down the street and more light output would be a smart choice.  

Country drivers
Drivers who mainly drive on rural or regional highways and country roads face the challenge of reduced street lighting with an increased chance of having encounters with wildlife or stray stock crossing the road, and perhaps poor road conditions (pot holes, bad road edges). This driver will most benefit from more light volume and penetration.  

Professional drivers
Commercial vehicle, taxi and uber drivers can spend a long time driving their vehicles at night time or early morning, so their lights are being used for much longer than for most other drivers. This heavy use may result in blown globes on a regular basis, so for these drivers a long-life globe is great consideration, and even better when it’s combined with extra light output. 

Car enthusiasts
These are the drivers for who lighting performance (output and penetration) might come second to how their vehicle looks on the road. The modern and sleek appearance they’re looking for can be achieved with ‘white’ or ‘blue’ type globes. 

Other Light Globe Considerations

There is normally a compromise with halogen globes in terms of their lifespan versus performance. A globe that produces more light will not last as long as a standard globe, as its internals are placed under much greater stress to achieve the higher output. The additional longevity of long life globes is achieved by employing a design that is more resistant to vibration while having internals with a greater heat tolerance, so they will last longer but are also more expensive to buy.

So next time you’re looking to replace your globes, have a think about where and how often you drive, before deciding what the best globes are for your situation.  If you aren't sure, your local Repco Authorised Service centre can advise you.

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