What’s Putting the Spark in your Engine

Are you driving a diesel vehicle?  If so, your car will have a glow plug instead of a spark plug. But what does that actually mean?

The difference between the two is that diesel engines, unlike petrol engines (which rely on a spark to ignite the air-fuel mixture) function due to the auto-ignition of diesel fuel when subjected to high pressures. Under high pressure, the temperature of the diesel fuel increases to a point where the fuel self-combusts.  The glow plug is essentially a small heater.

In cold weather however, this temperature is not always achieved and glow plugs assist by heating the air-fuel mixture to assist in cold starting.  This is why using a high quality glow plug in your diesel vehicle is important for peak operating starting capability. 

NGK glow plugs maintain optimum starting capabilities and offer an excellent post-glow function, promoting clean combustion and lower toxic emissions. They are manufactured with state of the art techniques with dedication to quality, which leads to outstanding reliability, which is why we use and recommend NGK glow and spark plugs. 

NGK Glow Plugs, the Perfect Heart Starter.

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Spark Plugs

Did you know that if a generic spark plug is installed in your engine important attributes can be compromised that can have a big effect on your vehicle’s performance and longevity?

Believe it or not there are still spark plug suppliers out there who actually recommend a single part number for a variety of vehicles but we know that this “one size fits all” approach compromises precision engine output, reliability, and fuel efficiency and disregards advancements in modern engine evolution. 

Engine manufacturers spend many years researching and developing a new engine design. During this complex process, every engine component, including the spark plug, is engineered and tailored to perfectly match the make and model. 

NGK is renowned as the largest Original Equipment spark plug supplier in the world and works hand-in-hand with vehicle manufacturers during the development of each new engine configuration to engineer spark plugs specifically designed to suit each engine’s individual requirements for optimum performance.

Choose the spark plug that has been engineered for your engine - choose quality, choose NGK! 

Your local Repco Authorised Service Centre can recommend and install the correct NGK spark plug for your car giving you peace of mind.  Call us or book online today.