Wiper Safety

You’d look a bit weather beaten if you’d spent all summer sitting in the harsh Australia Sun, and so can your wiper blades.  This means that they might not be up to the job of helping you see clearly on the road, something you’ll only find out when you need them most!

Just like any component on your car, wipers wear out and need regular replacing.  If you experience wipers streaking, scrapping or juddering it’s time to invest in a quality replacement.  Trico have been helping motorists see clearly for 100 years and are the experts in wiper blades and assemblies across all models.

Not sure if you need new wiper blades? Because safety matters, book in for a service and we’ll check your wipers for you as part of our 65 Point Vehicle Inspection.   Find your local Repco Authorised Service Centre here and book online today.   

Want to know more about how your wiper system works, see our AutoFact video here


Here are four tips to help you keep your wipers in great condition…

  1. Keep wiper bottles topped up and use a quality wiper additive
  2. When you fill your car, take the time to remove loose dirt and dust from the windscreen
  3. Living or travelling to the snow?  Always use an ice scraper to remove snow and ice. Using your wipers to de-ice your windshield can damage the blade as well as the entire arm and wiper motor
  4. Fix that chip!  A damaged windscreen can cut the rubber wiping element of your wiper blades