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Radiator and Cooling System Service

Don't be that car, stuck on the side of the road with steam pouring from under the hood. We will give your radiator and cooling system a well deserved service.

Your local Repco Authorised Service centre can carry out a wide range of services including:

In Australia, car engine cooling system failures rank among the top three causes of roadside breakdowns, with radiator failures accounting for a large percentage of these.  A fully functional and efficient cooling system circulates coolant to reduce heat around your engine and is essential in preventing overheating.

Not all cooling system failures are explosive in nature; in most cases, it's a slow process that may start with you noticing puddles under the car or having to top off the coolant level regularly. The temperature gauge may indicate a high coolant temperature in slow traffic but returns to normal during high speed driving. In some cases, you may notice a sweetish, “hot water” smell coming from the engine, or even notice actual steam coming from under the bonnet.  All these symptoms are serious and should not be ignored.

What is the cooling system?

In simple terms, a vehicles’ cooling system consists of components that manage and maintain the engine’s temperature, regardless of factors such as ambient temperature and operating conditions like road speed. Major deviations on either side of an engines ideal operating temperature can cause serious engine damage. 
 In modern vehicles many manufacturers have adopted engine technologies that rely heavily on the engine temperature to reduce emissions, so it is now possible to find engines in late-model vehicles that run 20 or more degrees hotter that what is considered normal in older engines.
Regardless of what you drive, it is critical that your cooling system is in premium condition to help protect your car from expensive breakdowns.

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