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Radiator Flush

A radiator flush is just what it sounds like.  Using an approved flushing agent a qualified technician will flush out your car's radiator to remove build up.

When to flush the radiator

A radiator flush should be performed if the coolant is not clear, or if there is evidence of corrosion in the cooling system. A proper flushing with an approved agent such as Penrite's radiator flush will clean out accumulated scale, corrosion, and other undesirable material in the cooling system to restore the flow characteristics of your radiator.

A radiator flush should also be carried out anytime the coolant is fully drained from the radiator before refilling with the correct coolant type.

Generally, provided that the cooling system is in good condition, serviced regularly and that the coolant is replaced strictly in accordance with the vehicles’ maintenance schedule, it should not be necessary to perform flushing procedures on regular basis.

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