5 Tips for Having a Great Road Trip with your Pet

Planning a road trip with your furry friend? Whether it’s a short weekend getaway or long interstate drive, there are several things you can do to make your journey a pawsome one!

Ensure a smooth ride for you and your pet with these travel tips!

1. Make sure your fur-ball is safe and secure in the backseat of your car – either with a pet harness or in a carrier. Remember, no lap rides, especially if you are driving - this can be unsafe for both you and your pet in the event of an accident and can serve as a distraction to the driver.

2. Don't leave your pet unattended in the car - even in the shade or with windows down. Pets are highly susceptible to heat stroke, particularly in the warmer months and can begin to suffer severe symptoms, or worse after just six minutes of being left in the car. https://justsixminutes.com.au/

3. Make sure your pet is microchipped and wearing a collar before heading out. If you're going away for the weekend or moving interstate, make sure their registration details are up to date and ask your vet if they need any vaccinations before travelling. It’s also not a bad idea to have all your pet’s records on hand, just in case!

4. When preparing for a long journey, start getting your pet used to the car by going on shorter trips at first and gradually build up to longer drives. Try to reduce your pet's stress by bringing comfort items, like blankets and toys, and encourage them to play/exercise beforehand so they are more likely to sleep during the trip.

5. For longer drives, pack food, water and doggy bags and plan regular stops along the way to give your pet a break and time to stretch their legs. If you're worried about car sickness, try feeding your pet a few hours before you leave and avoid giving treats in the car.

These are some handy tips for helping you and your pet to have a wonderful holiday, but your road trip should always start with ensuring your vehicle is ready for the road. Book in with your local Repco Authorised Service today.