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Vehicle Inspections

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We can give you the confidence you need about your vehicle's condition.

A vehicle inspection requires a qualified mechanic to visually check over a vehicle with particular attention to its safety and roadworthiness. Any areas that may be unsafe or due for replacement are identified and recorded in a certificate or report.

Vehicle inspections are compulsory or required by law in some states. Other people choose to have an inspection voluntarily for peace of mind, safety or even to check the car before the warranty expires.

Statutory vehicle inspection rules in Australia are different in every state and have many different names. Roadworthy, RWC’s, safety certificates, e-safety checks, pink slips and blue slips all serve the same purpose – to ensure the safety of everyone by maintaining a minimum level of roadworthiness for every car on the road.

Every Repco Authorised Service centre offers a Vehicle Condition Report and many of our centres are authorised to provide approved roadworthy checks that meet state registration regulations.

Book your next vehicle inspection or roadworthy check with Repco Authorised Service or come in for your next service and ask for a complimentary 65 point Vehicle Inspection Report

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Repco Authorised Service is Australia's largest service network, but you sure will find friendly, local service. As a trusted independent, we explain all of our work in a straightforward manner and advise you of any extra work that may be needed. Every one of our 500+ family-owned workshops is backed by Repco with training, technical equipment, and top-quality spare parts. Plus, our Nationwide Warranty has you covered, wherever you may be.

Vehicle safety inspections - everything you need to know and more

Why get a voluntary vehicle inspection?
Statutory and roadworthy inspections do not necessarily clear a vehicle of some faults or repairs that may be needed in the near future, just because a vehicle is sold with a roadworthy certificate does not mean it is top condition.  In general, safety inspections do not cover the overall condition of the vehicle or check components such as air conditioning or engine reliability. For that reason, voluntary comprehensive vehicle checks are recommended for many reasons, including;

1. Safety and peace of mind
Driving an unroadworthy vehicle is dangerous. If you want to make sure your car is safe for you and your family, then get a safety inspection done by a qualified mechanic.  At Repco Authorised Service we care about your safety and offer a free 65 point Vehicle Inspection Report upon request with every full car service, this report tells you in writing if your car is safe to drive and any work that may be needed to maintain that safety, giving you peace of mind.

2. Inspection before buying or selling a car - pre-purchase inspections
If you're buying a used vehicle, it makes sense to have a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection. This provides expert opinion on the current state of the vehicle and will give you the heads up on any repairs that are required or likely to be required in the future.

Similarly having a pre-purchase inspection done when you are trying to sell a car will give potential buyers confidence that the vehicle you are trying to sell them is in great condition. Having a full comprehensive vehicle report will make the process of selling your car easier, faster and may even raise the value of your car.

3. Warranty inspection
Some people choose to have their car inspected by an independent mechanic just before their new car warranty expires. Knowing what components of your car could be on their way out in the next few months allows you to have the manufacturer replace them while it is still under warranty – saving you money when the warranty has expired.

4. Long road trip
No-one wants to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car repair that could have been prevented. Having a full comprehensive vehicle inspection before you take a long road trip ensures your car is in good condition before you go. Long miles can put stress on your vehicle, and different road conditions require different styles of driving and vehicle preparation.

Your local Repco Authorised Service centre can provide a range of inspections services including :

Every Repco Authorised Service centre is equipped to carry out a full 150 point comprehensive vehicle check which covers all areas of the vehicle from top to tow bar.

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