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Brake Service, Testing & Repair

If you feel your brakes are not performing correctly you shouldn’t wait – have your brakes inspected at a Repco Authorised Service centre today.
Signs that you need your brakes inspected for repairs include:

  • Sticky Brake Pedal
  • Noisy Brakes
  • Swerving when Braking
  • Vibration When Braking
  • Brake Warning Light
  • Spongy Brake pedals

Disc brakes, drum brakes, calipers and rotors, shoes and pads – whatever part of your brakes need a service our Repco Autotech trained technicians can help. We understand modern braking systems, including ABS brakes, and our workshops are fully qualified to inspect, repair or replace your brake system.

Brake service and brake repair are generally the same term and can refer to any one of several different tasks that our service centres can perform including:

There are also some less common brake service options:


When it comes to brakes you shouldn’t wait until brake repairs are needed. Regular inspections like our 65pt vehicle report, included in every full car service, are important to make sure your brake system is well maintained at all times. Our technicians will advise you if they feel that servicing or repairs of your braking system is recommended before it becomes a problem.