5 Top Tips for Happy Travels

The great Aussie Road trip is a rite of passage for many families.
Hitting the road and exploring this wonderful country reminds you of just how big it is.
Here's our five top tips to keeping everyone happy on the way to your destination...

Car snacks! Healthy, non-drippy, non-melty car snacks keep everyone happy and the car nice and clean.
Try bananas, muesli bars, apples and the like.
Don’t forget the water in a leak proof bottle or cup to keep everyone hydrated.
Just remember if you are crossing State borders make sure you know any quarantine laws.
That might even give your children the opportunity to experience the time honoured road trip tradition of sitting at the State line eating all the fruit in the car or van!

Gadgets !
Need we say more? Occupied rear seat passengers are happy passengers! Fully charged tablets, game consoles and DVD players are great for long trips.
Don’t forget the headphones, because mum and dad might find it hard to concentrate on driving after the fiftieth playing of “Let It Go”.

An Activities Bag A bag for each passenger with colouring in books, books, puzzles and the like to keep everyone happy and occupied.

Fun Stops Along the Way Nothing says Australian road trip like a stop at “The Big Something”; Instagram pics of your family at these uniquely Australian attractions and keep the tradition of cheesy holiday snaps alive.
Who knows you might even amuse a bored teen, anything is possible, but we make no promises!

Avoid Unexpected Delays
Of course, the best way to make a trip fun is to arrive without any unexpected delays.
Make sure your car is in top condition and head in to see your local Repco Authorised Service centre before you head off.

Inspect your 4WD timing belt to avoid sudden failure - don't take the risk!