Car Servicing Costs

We all know car servicing costs can add up over time but there are ways to make sure you are getting value from your car and your mechanic.

Reduce car service cost through regular servicing

One of the most simple ways to minimise car servicing cost is to stick to the servicing schedule. If your car is serviced every 10,000 km or 6 months then make sure you book it into the mechanic when you hit 9,900 km, if not sooner. If you don't hit the 10,000 km mark make sure you have an appointment exactly 6 months from your last scheduled service. Having your car serviced on time will make your car less likely to breakdown or have any major malfunction because it should be picked up at the service. Regular car servicing also keeps your car running efficiently, saving money on fuel.

Consider car servicing cost and schedules when buying

Cars have different servicing schedules. Many new car servicing schedules have been extended from the example above to a 15,000 km or 12 month schedule. Simply taking the time to understand servicing costs and schedules when purchasing a new car can save you money in the long run. Analyse car servicing costs before purchasing a vehicle to ensure you are getting value of money over time.

The extra car service cost of fixed price deals

Read the fine print when it comes to fixed price servicing. While it seems good in theory, fixed price servicing can have hidden costs too. Originally, car manufacturers introduced capped price servicing to take some of the guess work out of car service costing, with the added bonus of taming the odd wild shrew who was over charging for servicing. The result though has been reduced profits for some, which means you should be wary of the upsell. If quoted for further work on a fixed price service ensure they are required improvements. If you need assistance with this don't hesitate to call your local Repco Authorised Service Centre, they will help answer your questions.

Cut your new car service cost with independent mechanics

Shop around for car servicing, even when your car is within warranty. Reputable independent mechanics are able to service your car without compromising the warranty, plus they may also be able to do it at a cheaper price, reducing your car servicing costs.

Repco Authorised Service Centres can help you maintain your car servicing costs. Each Repco Service centre is independently owned and operated, offering gueniue and honest service but backed by the Repco Authorised Service training and education programs and the latest technology.