Child Restraint Laws QLD

Child restraint guidelines for QLD residents

The regulations recognise that some children may be too big or small for a specific restraint.

Children in the front passenger seat

Your childs age and the amount of seats available will determine if they’re able to sit in the front passenger seat.
If the vehicle only has one row of seats (ute) a child of any age is able to sit in that front row as long as they are properly restrained. A rearward facing child seat is not permitted for use if the vehicle has airbags fitted on the passenger’s side.

If the vehicle has two or more rows of seats a child under 4 is not permitted to sit in the front passenger seat. Your child is still not permitted if they are 3 and able to sit in a booster seat. If a child is between the ages of 4 and 7 they are not permitted to sit in the front passenger seat if the vehicle has a second row of seating. The only exception is if all other seats are taken by children under 7.

Child Restraint Penalties & Fines

The vehicle's driver is responsible for ensuring all occupants are properly restrained. If the driver fails in his duties they are risking a fine of $300+ and the loss of three demerit points for each incorrectly restrained child.
Exemptions are allowed for taxis and limousines where child restraints aren’t provided, and on medical grounds where a certificate is provided by a doctor.

Have your child restraint fitted by an expert

To be sure you've done everything possible to keep your child safe, make sure you have your child restraint fitted by an Authorised Child Restraint Fitting Station.