Child Restraint Laws SA

On the first of July, 2010, Child Restraint Laws were introduced in South Australia (SA) to further protect children in car accidents. The enforcement of penalties occurred from the first of October, 2010.

As kids grow their restraint needs will change. It pays to stay on top of these changes as nothing offers the level of protection they need quite like a properly sized and fitted restraint. To provide maximum safety the restraint needs to be properly installed and adjusted to fit the child's body.

Approved Child Restraints

From the first of July, 2010, drivers need to make sure all children are secured in the following approved restraints when travelling in a vehicle.

If your child is too big or too heavy for the age allocated restraint, they should then utilise the restraint for the next age group. Adversely if your child is too small then utilise the restraint from the previous age group.

Child Restraint Penalties & Fines

From the first of July, 2011, $305 on the spot fines will be issued to drivers if one child is not restrained and $361 if more than one child is not restrained. This doesn’t include the victims of crime levy. The loss of up to five demerit points may also be enforced.

Child Restraint Exemptions

Have your child restraint fitted by an expert

To be sure you’ve done everything possible to keep your child safe, make sure you have your child restraint fitted by an Authorised Child Restraint Fitting Station.