Exploring Different Careers Available in an Automotive Workshop

Behind every smoothly running vehicle is a team of skilled professionals working diligently in an automotive workshop. At Repco Authorised Service, we recognise the diverse range of career opportunities available in the automotive industry, each playing a vital role in keeping vehicles safe and roadworthy. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the various careers available in an automotive workshop, highlighting the unique skills and responsibilities of each role.

1. Automotive Technician/Mechanic

Automotive technicians, also known as mechanics, are the backbone of any automotive workshop. They diagnose, repair, and maintain vehicles, performing tasks such as engine repairs, brake replacements, and electrical system diagnostics. Automotive technicians require a solid understanding of automotive systems and components, as well as proficiency in using diagnostic tools and equipment.

2. Service Advisor

Service advisors act as liaisons between customers and the automotive technicians, providing guidance on vehicle maintenance and repair services. They communicate with customers to understand their needs, explain repair recommendations, and provide cost estimates. Service advisors also schedule appointments, coordinate service appointments with technicians, and ensure timely completion of repairs.

3. Parts Specialist

Parts specialists are responsible for sourcing and providing the necessary automotive parts and components for repairs and maintenance services. They work closely with service advisors and technicians to ensure that the correct parts are ordered and available when needed. Parts specialists require strong organisational skills and knowledge of automotive parts and inventory management systems.

4. Diagnostic Technician

Diagnostic technicians specialise in diagnosing complex automotive issues using advanced diagnostic equipment and techniques. They perform in-depth inspections and tests to identify the root cause of vehicle problems, such as engine misfires, electrical malfunctions, or computer system failures. Diagnostic technicians play a crucial role in troubleshooting and resolving challenging technical issues.

5. Body Repair Technician

Body repair technicians, also known as panel beaters or auto body technicians, specialise in repairing and restoring vehicle bodies that have been damaged in accidents or collisions. They use a variety of tools and techniques to repair dents, scratches, and structural damage, ensuring that vehicles are restored to their original condition. Body repair technicians require strong craftsmanship and attention to detail.

6. Paint Technician

Paint technicians are responsible for refinishing vehicle surfaces after body repairs have been completed. They prepare surfaces, mix paint to match vehicle colours, and apply paint using spray guns and other painting equipment. Paint technicians ensure that vehicle finishes are smooth, durable, and visually appealing, contributing to the overall aesthetic of repaired vehicles.


The automotive industry offers a diverse range of career opportunities within automotive workshops, each requiring unique skills and expertise. Whether you're interested in hands-on vehicle repair, customer service, parts management, or technical diagnostics, there's a career path for you in the automotive workshop. At Repco Authorised Service, we're committed to supporting and empowering professionals in the automotive industry to excel in their chosen careers. Explore the possibilities and embark on a rewarding career journey in the automotive workshop today.