Getting to Your Destination Safely

Australia is a land of wide open spaces and long stretches of roads in all types of conditions.  Taking a few simple precautions along the way can make all the difference to your journey.

Before you leave.

If possible, visit a qualified mechanical workshop to have your vehicle serviced, to ensure that your car is in peak mechanical condition.  If it is not possible to do this, at the very least you should check your vehicles oil and coolant levels, top up your windscreen wiper reservoirs and ensure that your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.
Check that you have the following items securely stowed in the vehicle...

* Please ask your local Repco Authorised Service Centre for your copy.  This handy glove box sized book list all the members in our service network Nationwide for your convenience, as well as handy motoring tips.

On The Road

As soon as you get in the car, put on your seat belt, and make sure all passengers do the same. Seat belts improve your chances of surviving a serious crash by up to 50 per cent.
Along the journey, keep checking to make sure children are still wearing their seat belts.
It is also important not to drive while you are tired. Driving while tired accounts for one in six crashes that result in serious injury or death.

Rules For Survival

Additional Safety Tips

Remember, during peak holiday periods it's important to be patient, as there is likely to be extra traffic on the road. Give yourself extra time to get to your destination-it's better to arrive safely and late, than not at all. Don't be tempted to speed to catch up on any lost time. It's simply not worth the risk.
It is also important to always maintain a safe braking distance, and to make sure that your vehicle is well maintained and serviced by a qualified technician.  Your local Repco Authorised Service Centre is fully trained to service a wide range of makes and models.
All vehicles that visit one of our Repco Authorised Service Centre's undergoes a 65 point vehicle inspection bringing you peace of mind !