Holiday Motoring

  • Towing
    Incorrectly towing a vehicle can result in significant damage to components including the driveline or transmission. Power steering and brakes do not function correctly without the engine running so there is also a safety aspect to consider. You should always seek professional advice before attempting to tow any vehicle and be sure to check your local laws as flat towing is atually illegal in some states.
    If you must tow or recover a vehicle from a difficult situation, NEVER attach the rope to any steering, suspension equipment, rear axle or bumper. See your owner’s manual for the correct towing points on your vehicle and the best procedure to follow.
  • Sleep at Home Not at the Wheel
    Around 30% of serious crashes are the direct result of motorists who insist on driving on, even when they know they’re too tired to continue. When planning very long trips include regular stops for rest.
  • Take Your Time
    You will use up to 25% less fuel travelling at 90km/h than you do at 110km/h.
  • Blow-outs
    If this occurs, do not make sharp changes in direction and don’t slam on the brakes. Ease up on the accelerator and bring the vehicle under a gradual and controlled slow down. If the blow-out was a front wheel, you might carefully use the handbrake (gently) to help slow the vehicle. Do not drive onto the road shoulder until the vehicle has slowed to almost a stop.
  • Car Sickness
    To avoid it, try sitting in the most ‘stable’ part of the vehicle. Don’t move around too much and look at the horizon, rather than at the road or trees. Avoid travelling on an empty stomach as this can contribute to or worsen the effect of motion sickness.
  • Overtaking
    Before overtaking, always check to see if a car is in your ‘blind spot’. Remember it can take one and a half kilometres to overtake a truck travelling at 100km/h. Make sure you have a clear road ahead.

    Repco Authorised Service have over 450 independent mechanic car service centres Australia wide who can take care of your vehicle while you are travelling. There is sure to be one near you!