Is a diesel car right for your family?

Today there are more diesel engines on Australian roads than ever before and the number is rising.   Often turbocharged, diesel engines can deliver higher levels of performance and greater efficiency, saving you money and helping protect the environment.

  • Aren’t Diesel Cars Slow and Smelly?
    This is a common misconception based on older diesel models. However new European passenger cars are quiet, nearly odourless and come with efficient engines that produce greater low speed torque than their petrol competitors
  • Will A Diesel Car Save Me Money?
    While certain models can be initially more expensive than a petrol vehicle and cost slightly more for quality servicing, in the long term diesel vehicles usually use 30% less fuel. 
  • Servicing Your European Diesel  
    It is important to have your diesel vehicle serviced regularly to promote long life and peak operating performance. In addition to general wear and tear, diesels produce more oil contaminants and place greater pressure on the internal filtration systems than petrol engines.  It is strongly recommended that you adhere to the scheduled servicing.
  • Do I Need A Euro Specialist?
    European diesels often need specialist tools and exacting parts and lubricants designed specifically for their precise applications.  
    Your local Repco Authorised Service centre undergoes expert training through Repco Auto-Tech and has access to the very latest servicing information.  They can confidently service all makes and models of European cars, including diesel engines using quality parts and lubricants.