Is there Bacteria In Your Car?

Cars Are The Mouldiest Form Of Transportation!

Have you ever thought about the air you’re breathing? Your car’s ventilation system is a breeding ground for a wide variety of microorganisms including mould, bacteria and germs. Every time the fan is turned on, harmful spores are blown into the air drivers and passengers breathe.

Why is it such a problem today?

Modern airconditioning systems trap more moisture than in the past. To maintain cabin temperatures, these efficient systems require a larger percentage of air to be recirculated.
These two factors create an ideal habitat for mould, mildew, bacteria and other micro-organisms to grow. Spores from these micro-organisms are regularly blown into the passenger cabin and colonize throughout the in-car environment.

The Solution is MiST!

Get a MiST service and restore your vehicle’s in-car air quality.  The UView MiST™ System kills mould on contact and prevents new mould growth throughout the vehicle’s HVAC system and passenger cabin surfaces restoring in-car air quality. You can see the MiST video here.

This service can be run on any vehicle; it’s a fast effective way to destroy the germs and bacteria from the origin, the vehicles A/C evaporator. The nano droplets eliminate the germs, bacteria and mildew leaving the vehicle smelling fresh and sanitized promoting a healthier driving experience for you and your family.