Penrite Oils

There is an increasing trend in car owners turning to DIY servicing to save.  It's a false economy that can cost you a lot of time, money and inconvenience.

Protect your car with the right oil. Everyone knows that regular servicing ensures that your vehicle is working at peak efficiency, saving fuel and reducing emissions. However, while changing the oil and filter at home can seem like a smart fix, its not!

Engines these days are sophisticated pieces of machinery and manufacturers specify certain grades of oil for different models. It is very easy for someone who is not qualified to unwittingly put the incorrect oil in their engines, leading to catastrophic failures.

Penrite Oil Company are an independent Australian owned business who produce a wide range of lubricants for every vehicle type, including an excellent range of fully synthetic oils for today's modern vehicles. The benefits of a full synthetic oil over mineral based is that it will provide greater protection against heat and engine deposits, ultimately reducing the possibility of premature engine wear and failure.

Repco Authorised Service centres are fully qualified to service all makes and to recommend the correct oil for your vehicle. In addition to the in-depth training each technician undergoes, your local Repco Authorised Service Centre has access to extensive technical advice from the experts at Penrite.

Repco Authorised Service use and recommend Penrite oil, because a better class of mechanic uses a better class of oil.