Protect Your Fuel System

Many people know that moisture and fuel don't mix, however what most are unaware of is that moisture is present in every fuel systems and can build up leading to corrosion, rust and carbon build up!

How Does Moisture Get Into The System?

Moisture is present in every fuel system and caused by condensation in the fuel tank. All Fuels contain small amounts of Sulphur Dioxide which reacts with the moisture to create sulphurous acid. Sulphurous acid causes two problem in the fuel system. Firstly corrosion and rust and secondly when burnt through the engine resin & carbon build ups which restrict and block fuel and intake system components.

What Is The Solution?

Fortunately, there is a simple solution that your local Repco Authorised Service Centre can carry out for you at your next service.. The An Intank Fuel System Cleaner can help keep moisture from the fuel system.
In addition to suspending and cleaning water & Sulphurous acid contamination from the fuel and fuel system, A cleaner can removes resin and carbon deposits from the fuel injectors, inlet manifold, inlet valves, combustion chamber, exhaust valves, oxygen sensors and exhaust systems. This delivers helps protect the lifespan of your vehicles components..
It can also :