Roadworthy Certificate Victoria

Certificate of roadworthiness (RWC) in Victoria : In Victoria a certificate of roadworthiness is required when a vehicle is being sold. The owner of the vehicle must provide a current roadworthiness certificate to the buyer, unless the buyer is a spouse or a motor vehicle trader.

A vehicle can be sold without an RWC if it is not registered however If a used vehicle is being re-registered an RWC will be needed. In some cases a roadworthiness certificate is also needed to clear a vehicle defect notice in Victoria.

What is inspected during an RWC?

The roadworthiness test is not a check of a vehicle's mechanical reliability or overall condition. If your vehicle needs a comprehensive check then you should arrange for a separate independent report such as those offered by the RACV, many Licensed Motor Car Traders (LMCTs) and other workshops.

Please note that the certificate does not mean: