Roadworthy Certificates in Canberra and the ACT

In the Australian Capital Territory vehicles must be inspected and provided with a roadworthy certificate before being registered in the following situations:

  • A brand new vehicle being registered for the first time.
  • At transfer of ownership if the vehicle is more than six years old.
  • If it is being transferred from another state – regardless of age.
  • If it has been unregistered for longer than 12 month.
  • If the vehicle has received a defect notice.
  • All vehicles powered by LPG require annual inspections.

Once registered, a vehicle in Canberra will rarely need an inspection if it doesn’t change owners and stays registered – however the ACT has a random inspection scheme which means at any time, in any road related area (including car parks) a vehicle can be subjected to a visual inspection and if any faults or defects are identified then a notice is issued and the use of the vehicle could be restricted until an inspection is performed and the vehicle is cleared.

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