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The suspension system is an essential component in every vehicle on the road. Many motorists believe that it’s there to hold up or support the vehicle. In actual fact, your car’s suspension system is there to keep your tyres firmly in contact with the road while providing ride comfort and stability in terms of steering and handling.

One of the main components within the suspension system that helps perform this task are shock absorbers.

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Did you know that your shock absorbers do way more than make for a smooth ride? Your shock absorbers are critical to your steering stability and stopping power. Their main job is to keep your tyres in constant contact with the road, ensuring the correct distribution of weight and momentum when you're cornering or braking.

When cornering, the hydraulics allow your car to lean smoothly into the turn.

In a corner, the vehicle's weight is thrown to one side by the forces of momentum. Your shock absorbers absorb these forces, stopping your car from drifting or sliding sideways and reducing the pressure on the tyres, which gives them a better grip on the road, which helps to stop you skidding in the wet.

When you drive over bumps or corrugations, the upward forces on the wheel are absorbed by the hydraulics so that the tyre doesn't bounce off the road.

At 50 km/h just one worn shock absorber can add up to two metres to your stopping distance. This can be a life-or-death difference.

So make sure your shock absorbers are working as they're supposed to by having them checked by your local professionals at a Repco Authorised Service centre

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