Sleep At Home, Not at The Wheel

Don’t Drive Tired!

Around 30% of serious crashes are the direct result of motorists who insist on driving on, even when they know they're too tired to continue.
What Not to Do :
Opening a window or having the radio on loudly will not prevent you from falling asleep.
What you need is real sleep.
Pull over and have a short sleep. Even 15 minutes can be the difference between getting there and not.
Also, do you know you're four times more likely to have a fatal fatigue crash if you're driving between 10pm and dawn? Driving while sleep deprived, especially late at night and at dawn, increases the risk of having a ‘microsleep' and losing control of your vehicle.
If you fall into a microsleep and nod off at 100 km/h, you'll travel 100 metres in just four seconds, unconscious.
Do not Ignore the Early Warning Signs of Fatigue...

The best way to avoid driver fatigue is to make sure you have enough sleep before driving, regardless of the length of your trip.