Do you know which spark plug is right for your car?

Modern vehicles are designed so that every engine component is engineered to perfectly match for optimum performance and durability. This includes spark plugs specifically manufactured to ensure your engine is operating at its maximum potential.

Many people don’t realise that you can’t use a “common” spark plug in a today’s cars and expect them to run properly, in fact doing this can cause a lot of engine damage!

Poor Ignitability Can Cost

Using a spark plug not specifically designed for your car could result in catastrophic engine failure. A thread reach too long can hit the piston and valves causing permanent engine damage, alternatively a plug with too short a thread reach will have poor ignitability. Learn more about ignitability with our Auto Facts video...

Poor ignitability will result in an incomplete combustion cycle; resulting in unburnt fuel entering the exhaust system and having a negative downstream effect on the vehicles oxygen sensors and catalytic converter, thus increasing vehicle emissions and impacting performance.

The Right Spark Plug For Your Car

Your local Repco Authorised Service centre use and recommend high quality NGK Spark Plugs and are trained to select the right plug to help keep your car in peak operating condition.