The Importance of Steering and CV Boots

The Steering and Driveshaft mechanism on most modern cars have a number of protective rubber boots designed to keep moisture and dirt from damaging vital components.

Why replace them?

If your car’s Steering Rack or Constant Velocity (CV) boots are perished or torn, replacing them early can save the added expense of replacing the components they protect.

What are these boots?

They are rubber covers which seal each end of the car’s steering rack or CV joint, while still allowing movement of the steering and driveshafts. They seal in the lubricant and seal out dirt and water. If they tear, dirt and water from the road will enter the components and wear them rapidly.

Why do they tear?

They are made of rubber and exposed to the elements under your car and are subject to a lot of movement. As they get older the rubber perishes and eventualy will tear. Replacing the boots before they wear out is a good example of how money spent on car maintenance can save a lot more money in repairs.

When should they be replaced?

If your car is serviced regularly, Repco Authorised Service mechanics will spot when they are nearing the end of their useful life and report this to you.