What's That Smell?

It Pays to Pay Attention!
Paying attention to what your car is telling you can help avoid costly repairs.
Never ignore a new smell or noise! What's That Smell?

A smell like rope burning may indicate:

  • a slipping clutch.
  • binding brakes.
  • The handbrake is still on.
  • engine oil cap missing.
  • gasket leaking.
  • excessive fumes from a warm engine.

Petrol smells can mean :

  • an overfull fuel tank.
  • a leaking fuel tank.
  • a petrol cap missing.
  • carburettor flooded.
  • a leaking fuel pump.

If you experience any of these smells, you should contact one of our qualified, Auto-Tech trained Repco Authorised Service Centres for a professional diagnosis.
Regular servicing will also help ensure that all of your car’s systems are in good working order.
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