Changing The Oil Filter

Oil filters are designed to trap dirt, ensuring clean, filtered oil continually circulates through the engine.

Why change an oil filter?

An oil filter performing efficiently provides the following protection for you engine...

  • Prevents damage to the engine's bottom end, including bearings and crankshaft
  • Prolongs engine life
  • Improves flow through the engine, reducing the risk of oil starvation and enhancing engine protection

A poor performing oil filter impacts negatively on your car by...

  • Increasing engine wear, which leads to shorter engine life
  • High filter restriction starves the engine of oil flow at low RPM

Repco Authorised Service recommend that you have your car serviced regularly to ensure that all service items, such as filters are replaced and working in peak condition, providing you with peace of mind.

Thinking about your next oil filter change? Look no further than your local Repco Authorised Service.