Car Air Conditioning Service

Don't melt in your car this summer.

In Australia a properly working air conditioner is vital to keeping your car comfortable all year round.

While a regular car service will check for obvious faults which may be associated with the air conditioning system, such as drive belt tension, visible signs of refrigerant leaks and loose or faulty compressor or equipment mounting brackets,  it is good practice to have a comprehensive air conditioning service.

Car air conditioners not only keep you cool during Summer, they also remove humidity from the cabin, which can be handy in the winter to counteract a foggy windscreen.

Running your AC during winter also helps to maintain the system in good working order. Air conditioning systems contain a myriad of hoses and seals that can dry out or crack, which could lead to coolant leaks and poor performance.  View our Air conditioning AutoFacts video to learn more.

When you visit your local Repco Authorised Service centre, trained mechanics will perform a series of checks, balances, repairs and replacements to get your air conditioner in top condition. 

If your car air conditioner isn’t running efficiently, needs a regas, or you haven’t had it serviced for a long time, now is your moment. Go ahead, book today a Repco Authorised Service from car air conditioning service from just $99* plus parts and gas.

*Price may vary depending on vehicle type and workshop location. 

Car air conditioning systems - everything you need to know and more

Want to know exactly what is undertaken when your car air conditioner is serviced?

  • Inspection of drive belts and pulleys
  • Check operation of valves and thermostats
  • Inspection of hoses and components
  • Evacuate system and recover refrigerant (weigh amount and record)
  • Add required amount of refrigerant oil
  • Charge system with recommended refrigerant type and capacity (if required)
  • Condenser temperature check
  • Suction line temperature reading
  • Leak test system lines and components with an electronic leak detector
  • Run vehicle to check air vent temperature and report

What's that smell?

Dealing with a nasty smell coming from your vents?  This is caused by a build up of bacteria that can cause health issues. A Prostream Mist treatment will kill the bacteria and that smell!  Learn more here.

Protecting the environment

Refrigerant gas is extremely damaging to the ozone layer and any gas that is irresponsibly released into the atmosphere harms the environment and contributes to global warming. By law, all refrigerant gas must be recycled and Repco Authorised Service applauds the work and efforts of bodies such as Refrigerant Reclaim Australia and who help to ensure refrigerant gas is recycled or if contaminated, destroyed using specific methods.

If you want to know more about your car's air conditioner or maintaining it you may be interested in the following;

Trust, knowledge and expertise

Independently owned and operated, Repco Authorised Service is a trusted name in car servicing. You can be assured that all service centre’s trading under the Repco Authorised Service brand are trained to the highest level, so they can offer the best quality service and advice. Every service centre working on automotive air conditioning systems has a refrigerant handling licence. This knowledge and expertise is also backed by the Repco AUthorised Service nationwide warranty

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