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65 Point Vehicle Inspection Report

Your local Repco Authorised Service mechanic will happily provide a written 65 point vehicle inspection report whenever a service is carried out. This report is designed to identify any issues with your vehicle that have the potential to become a major safety problem before it impacts on you and your family.

There are many reasons you may want to have a 65 point vehicle inspection report performed on your car. You might be going away for a long weekend or maybe even a long road trip across Australia. This is the ultimate way to be aware of anything that might go wrong with your car and prevent any disasters, a huge benefit when towns get fewer and farther between.

You might also want a 65 point vehicle inspection report performed on your car because it is getting older, because as a car ages the potential for something to go wrong increases. A 65 point vehicle inspection report will help identify issues which could become expensive to repair in the long run, for cars of any age

Our Repco Auto-Tech trained mechanics are known for their reliable car servicing. They are fully qualified to advise you on every aspect of car service and repair, across all makes and models of motor vehicles. The Repco Authorised Service 65 point vehicle inspection report offers you additional peace of mind.

The major focuses of a 65 point vehicle inspection report
There is an extended list of everything checked during a 65 point vehicle inspection further below but here is a breakdown of some of the major focuses and reasons for them.

New and different driving conditions
If you are going on a holiday you will be encountering new and different driving conditions. Open roads, bumpy, winding and dirt roads, towing trailers, boats or vans, overtaking, sudden swerving or braking to avoid wildlife, weather and unfamiliar road conditions are all factors you and your vehicle aren’t used to. An expert check will ensure your vehicle is safe and ready for these unknown conditions.
Ensure your brakes, suspension and fluid levels are all in order before you leave on a road trip of any kind. 

Good brakes save lives
Higher speed limits, wildlife on the road, heavier loads and towing, are all factors which make the stopping distance and reliability of your brakes even more important than normal. The Repco Authorised Service 65 point vehicle inspection includes a review of your brake fluid, master cylinder, brake booster, pipes and connections, front and back discs and pads, callipers and cylinders and more. It will identify areas of concern you may wish to deal with or at least be aware of.

Dehydrated cars break down
The fluids in your vehicle keep it running but there are so many to keep track of. Fluid levels should be checked regularly but with the busy periods in the lead up to holidays it is often the last thing we think to do. If you have a 65 point vehicle inspection conducted we can do it all for you! Engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, engine coolant, brake fluid, clutch fluid, even battery water levels.

Suspension and steering are just as important as good brakes
The suspension system includes struts, shocks, springs and tyres. All these components work together to keep your vehicle in proper contact with the road, maintaining direction and reducing stopping distance. A Repco 65 point vehicle inspection report will highlight any issues with your suspension system as the checks include; front and rear shocks, springs, mounts and shackles, suspension brushes and arms, steering rods, CV joints, tie rods and more.

Good visibility is essential
Country driving equals dust and dark nights, something you don’t experience much of on the school or work run. Make sure your headlight angles are right and your wipers are in perfect working order with our 65 point vehicle inspection report.

Repco Authorised Service - 65 point vehicle inspection report

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