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Auto Electrical Service

Cars these days are as much electronics as they are mechanics. That is why we are skilled at both.

As cars and their engines become more modern, more of the systems are computer controlled. This results in more efficient cars with improved performance but it also means cars are more complex than ever.
The good thing about auto electrical problems is that they are usually indicated by a light or error message on your dash, making it easy for the driver to know something is amiss. There are more sinister issues though, such as your car not starting at all or cutting out unexpectedly.
When you have a problem with your car’s auto electrical system your local Repco Authorised Service centre has the technology to diagnose the problem and trained, skilled technicians to service and repair any auto electrical components. 
For all your auto electrical servicing and repairs, Repco Authorised Service centres have the latest training and expert knowledge.Book an Auto Electrical Service at your local Repco Authorised Service.

Nationwide warranty

At Repco Authorised Service we offer anationwide warranty on our servicing, repairs and parts because we know we provide a quality service and use only the best products. We have more than 450 stores Australia wide so you are never far from a Repco Authorised Service. Book your next service today to be protected by our Nationwide Warranty.

Auto electrical services - everything you need to know and more

Here is a look at the parts of your car which might need the attention of an auto electrician.

Engine and engine component based services:

  • Engine tuning: Tuning the engine to optimal performance using the latest equipment will deliver a more responsive drive, by restoring lost power and increasing fuel economy, helping to lower overall emissions.
  • Engine carbon clean: With everyday driving and the use of lesser quality fuel your engine starts to accumulate carbon on fuel injectors and other engine components. This accumulated carbon causes poor fuel economy, a decrease in power and responsiveness plus rough idling and emissions.
  • Alternator: The alternator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy to help power electrical parts within your vehicle and to recharge your battery.
  • Starter motor: Starter motors turn your engine over by drawing electricity from your car battery to get the crankshaft going.
  • Fuel injection system: If your fuel injection system isn’t working properly your car’s performance will be directly affected. By utilising the appropriate diagnostic equipment we can locate the issue and prevent it from occurring in the future.
  • Fuel injectors: If your fuel injectors are clogged or dirty your vehicle will be experiencing limited acceleration, decreased power, lacklustre fuel efficiency, irregular idling along with possible increased emissions.
  • Electronic fuel pumps: The fuel pump pumps fuel from the tank to the vehicle’s engine. Fuel is delivered constantly to make sure the engine is performing properly and constantly. 
  • Automatic transmission diagnostics: Your automatic transmission needs to be in optimal working order to make sure gear shift transitions are performed smoothly. If your transmission isn’t running smoothly it will jump through gears and ultimately wear out gears and plates.

Other electrical component services:

  • Batteries: The battery supplies electricity to the starter motor and ignition system that starts your car.
  • Air bags: To keep you and your passangers safe, it is good to know your air bags are in working order. Our auto electricians can check and repair any compromised electrical work that has an impact on your air bags.
  • Sound and vision: Looking to add a better entertainment, rear vision or parking system? No worries. We can install, wire and setup sound systems, DVD players, flip down & headrest screens and rear parking cameras and sensors.
  • Power windows and central locking: Central locking and your power windows issues are often caused by an electronics issue that can be easily repaired after a system wide diagnostic scan is performed.

There are many other electrical services that are provided by your local Repco Authorised Service centre. Locate a service centre below.

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