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Auto Transmission Service

Car noises that go bump in the night? Don’t get spooked, get into your local Repco Authorised Service dealer for your auto transmission check-up.

The auto transmission is vital to an automatic car’s performance because it sends power to the wheels of your car. It is important to maintain your auto transmission to ensure smooth gear changes.
Discover how your automatic transmission works here.

If you are hearing strange noises while driving, gear changes are becoming more noticeable, your transmission fluid is low or leaking or your check engine light is on, get your car into your local Repco Authorised Service. 
Learn about common auto trans problems here.

Auto transmission servicing will ensure your transmission is in tune, there are no leaks and fluids are topped up, which will help avoid any unnecessary and expensive problems.

When you visit your local Repco Authorised Service, trained mechanics will service your car. The auto transmission will be drained and replaced. Filters will be cleaned or replaced. A road test will be undertaken to evaluate shift pattern and if required adjustments will be carried out. The transmission will be inspected for leaks and other issues.

If you are worried about the noises coming from your engine or your gear changes aren’t feeling quite right, it is time to get your car into your local Repco Authorised Service for an auto transmission service. We use the best quality parts and fluids.

Trust, knowledge and expertise

Repco Authorised Service is one of the best known names in car servicing and repairs Australia wide and that is because we are independently owned and operated. We are known locally for our honest service, years of experience and knowledge and for our community involvement. You can be sure we are best placed to look after your car's auto transmission. Plus it is all backed by a 12 month nationwide warranty.Book your appointment today.

Auto transmissions - everything you need to know and more

The auto transmission is a very complicated beast. What makes it so complex is that to function it requires a synergy between numerous different systems; mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and computer controls.
Learn about different types of transmissions including DSG and CVT systems here. 

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