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Automotive Key Cutting Service

Precision cut and programmed keys for cars

Selected Repco Authorised Service centres now offer key cutting and remote FOB duplication using the Condor X-horse key cutting machine and cloning tool. This enables our centres to replicate your car key and broken car remotes.

Whether your car key is broken, lost or stolen, get in contact with us today.

Key-cutting machines work on the 'copy' principle. As you trace the teeth of one key with the key-cutting machine, a separate part of the machine simultaneously grinds the replica teeth into the blank key that is being cut.

When using the handheld unit, we can scan your broken remote fob information and replicate to a new remote.

When enquiring about our car key cutting and programming service, please make sure you have the YEAR, MAKE and MODEL of your car to ensure our experts are able to duplicate your key effectively with the specialist equipment at our disposal. It would be helpful to bring along the key and this information when you come in.

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