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Brake Fluid Flush

It is recommended by most vehicle manufacturers that your brake fluid be completely flushed at a minimum of every two years to prevent brake system failure.

While a brake fluid flush is done as part of a log book service if it is part of the manufacturers recommendations – sometimes we might advise you need one outside of the recommended schedule if we feel it's necessary for your safety and we are always happy to discuss the reasons for our recommendations with you.

What happens during a brake fluid flush?

  • The car is placed on the hoist to allow access to the brake system.
  • The old fluid from the master cylinder is drained.
  • Fresh new, quality brake fluid of the correct type is placed in the system.
  • The new fluid is pumped or flushed through the system, completely replacing the old.
  • Each brake is allowed to 'bleed' out to ensure there is no air in the lines.
  • The rest of the brake system is checked for any signs of damage or wear that needs attention and advise you if necessary.
  • The vehicle is taken for a test drive.

Remember, if you are towing heavy loads such as caravans and trailers, it is important replace your brake fluid more regularly as the heavy braking that occurs under these conditions can lead to faster breakdown of your brake fluid. 
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